For the realization and compliance of trap shooting machines and in order them to be consistent with FITAV-CONI guidelines and with environmental norms, it is crucial to identify partners able to support the client company from the first steps to the final realization of the project.
Eurotarget combines the experience of the most important enterprises in shooting and envinronmental fields, with technical and legislative skillsbelonging to some of the best European and Italian professionals..

Sustainability and envinronmental themes linked to trap shooting disciplines represent a significant part of our engineers' every day activity, in order to provide every professonal in the field with the necessary skills and abilities to built from scratch or to refurbish existing plants, consistently with present norms and provding the best quality/price ratio ever. Shooting plants realization and adaptation to FITAV-CONI standards and to present envinronemtal laws:

  • From advisory to realization
  • Activity waste management
  • Bourocracy and archive management
  • Envinronmental foot-print reduction
  • Legal and administrative support
  • Help desk on site


Installation of new lead shot barrier at Shooting Range Ghirlandina (MO) - Italy

Concrete pools 6 meters high - Distance from shooting stand 120 meters

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Embankment realization - Crevalcore Shooting Range (BO - Italy)

Embankment with barrier for leadshots recover

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