Diameter80 mm | 3.15 inches
Weight45 gr | 1.59 oz
Items per box200
Box size40x58x40 cm
15.75 x 22.83 x 15.75 inches
DisciplinesSporting, Electro cibles
Items per pallet5000
Wright per pallet300 Kg | 661.38 lb
Available colours

The helice easy-bird is similar to what’s normally used for official helice shooting competitions, except from the central part - called “witness” - which is attached to the external part. As a consequence, the target consists of a unique piece instead of two different parts to be assembled, with grest saving in terms of manpower and costs. Obviously, this kind of target could be considered a scoring hit if just struck and broken, differently from tradizional helices which require the witness to fall down into a precise area of the field. Thanks to the new easy line products, every ind of shooter, from amateurs to professional players, can enjoy the closest thing to live bird shooting in the sector.