The commitment of Eurotarget for the world of clay-target shooting is "extraordinary", especially for the youth sector that is always seeking more support. Being able to give, even a little, it is extremely important. We must safeguard these young shooters who are taking their first steps in the sport... are we maybe helping future champions ?? Thanks also to Eurotarget, the youth Emilia Romagna shooters sector is placed at the top-level National as number of subscribers and as results.

Demetrio PILLON - Regional Delegate Fitav Emilia Romagna

We train world class athletes and that’s why we use Eurotarget. Their world class quality makes them second to none.

Allen B. Chubb, JR.
President of Keystone Shooting Park
Elizabethville (PA) - USA

The Shooting range ‘De Wildenberg’ is one of the largest Clay Pigeon grounds in the Netherlands, with approximately 145 traps spread over 13 Sporting layouts, 2 Olympic Trench, 3 Olympic Skeet, 1 Automatic Ball Trap and 4 Compak layouts. There is also a 50m indoor shooting range with 5 firing stations, for all calibers allowed in the Netherlands, and a moving boar target on 55m. For a so huge and well-organized shooting reality, we need only well-organized suppliers. Eurotarget is the best choice!

Rini & Daphne Meulendijks
International Shooting Range Wildenberg - Netherland

International Shooting Range Wildenberg
The South Wales 2000 Shooting Ground was built in year 2000 and in 2002 was awarded the Premier Plus Status by the C.P.S.A. Since 2002 Clays supplied by Eurotarget have been successfully used on 4 Olympic Trap and 4 Olympic Skeet Ranges. In addition Eurotarget Clays have been used for Compak Sporting, DTL, ABT and 15 Sporting Stands. The Eurotarget Clays are very important to South Wales 2000 because of their ability to provide higher scores and with breakage That is less than 2% when used with all different types of Automatic Traps. 130 Automatic Traps are in use at South Wales 2000 and all of them are equipped with Eurotarget clays.

Mike Amodeo
South Wales 2000 Shooting Ground Owner

South Wales 2000 - England